The Halfie Project started as a journey to discover the meaning of a mixed identity - an identity which inhabits two cultures.


The Halfie Project believes in the power of telling the stories of people who inhabit two cultures. Our aim is to spotlight the diverse perspectives and experiences that illuminate what it means to hail from two cultures.

The Halfie Project believes in respecting the individual. Every person has their own distinct story, and will have their own perspectives born from a diverse wellspring of cultural experiences, triumphs, and tragedies. We believe it’s absolutely paramount to respect everyone’s experience and recognize that people will hold widely varying beliefs unique to their circumstances.

The Halfie Project believes in creating a space for safe, public discourse. We hope by sharing the stories and beliefs of halfies, we will spark public discourse on the barriers and intersections of cultures. Our goal is to simultaneously shed light on how society accepts, and rejects people of two heritages. Sensitive topics will be discussed, and we ask everyone to recognize our interviewees are sharing their personal, intimate thoughts.

The Halfie Project believes in celebrating culture and heritage. While some interviewees may have had negative experiences interacting with certain cultures, we believe that all cultures are worth celebrating. All cultures have flaws, and all cultures have beautiful traits.