Becky & Jay's Excellent (Historical) Adventure — Pt. II

We’re back! Hopefully you enjoyed your Chuseok break as much as we did. This week, Becky and Jay take us back in time one last time, picking up where they left off in Part I. We go from the Korean War and the splitting of the peninsula through the Gwangju Uprising to present day North and South Korea. (Also, Jay got a haircut!)

P.S. — Starting October 6, Becky and Jay will be hosting a live radio show Sundays from 9am to noon on TBS eFM 101.3 in Seoul… Tune in and reach out!


In this week’s episode, we explore a new kind of Halfie experience. While Jay is away doing whatever it is that Jay does, Becky is joined by Kayoung, who shares her struggles growing up in Korea before rediscovering herself in America.


Becky has a bit of a cold this week, so we’re taking a sick day. Instead of a new interview, here’s one of our favorites from the YouTube channel… It’s Tony! He discusses his experience as a half black, half Korean man and shares some perspectives he’s gained through moving between rural America and Seoul. And if you want to see their lovely faces, check out the original interview on YouTube!


Sangil sits down with Becky to talk about his early life as a third-culture kid in Pakistan and his later transition to Korea. He talks about how a military exemption can be a social stigma and explains how difficult it can be to learn some cultural norms. 


Andrew returns to the pod, this time to talk about his own history! He talks about his experience growing up and become conscious of his Asian identity in relation to the overwhelming whiteness of America. He and Becky were also high school classmates, and he drops a bombshell about her past… 

We Are The Halfie Project — Becky

We cap off this series with the one you’ve all been waiting for… the leader of The Halfie Project herself, Becky! We talk poetry, Alabama, and an important life lesson learned at Disney World. Jay hosts, and Producer Greg does his best to co-host. Tune in next week when everyone returns to their proper roles and a new guest joins us on the podcast.

We Are The Halfie Project — Michael

Continuing our journey of self-discovery, we sit down with our director of photography / video editor, Michael, aka BIG MIKE! We talk about his experience as a Korean adoptee in Norway, debate the validity of excusing behavior based on cultural differences, and finally give up the dream of ever becoming fully Korean.


Monica (Koryo-saram) gives us a quick history lesson through the story of her grandparents, who migrated to Uzbekistan in the 1930s. Growing up in Russia, she always felt Korean, but after moving to Korea, she realized how Russian she actually is. Check her out on Instagram @monalee.k


Kaila (Native American/Korean) stops by on her annual visit to Seoul to talk about being raised by her Korean father in New Jersey and feeling like an outsider among the Acoma, her mother’s Native American tribe.


Jack (Canadian/Korean) talks about the unique culture of Toronto and tells us what it was like to live with a foot in two different worlds. (Things get heated when Jack and Jay debate Toronto vs. L.A.)


This week, Alex (Egyptian/Korean) joins the discussion to talk about his early life in Queens, NY and his current life here in Seoul!

We also share personal examples how language fluency (or lack thereof) has shaped our experiences.

Mission Statement

We’re taking a break from interviews this week!

Instead, we share what The Halfie Project means to us and what we hope to learn, discover, and accomplish as the project continues to grow.

Also, a special thanks to photographer Lee Jae Gab, whose advice and inspiration we carry with us as we strive to help half-Koreans tell their own stories, in their own words.


Welcome to the Halfie Project podcast! 

Stella (German/Korean) joins us in the studio to share her experience moving to Korea, learning the language, and adjusting to the cultural differences between Europe and Korea.