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This is Hugh and Nichola.

“The interesting thing that happens in Korea is that children who are biracial like Yul can experience discrimination on the playground when other children are like, “외국인, they’re a foreigner, a foreigner” and parents don’t do anything to correct their children. [Bi-racial children] can be told that they’re a foreigner, when they’re not; they’re Korean. And then on the other side of it, children like Yul are often used in advertising and as models, many of the models are biracial like that, and so they’re raised up in some ways of, like, “look at this beautiful child” but in other ways not accepted, because people don’t know better. And so we want the perception of how Korean is supposed to look to change in Korea so that children who don’t know any better on the playground aren’t immediately saying, “look, that’s a foreigner” and then they immediately go speak English to a child who maybe doesn’t speak English. Just to have more awareness and acceptance of that. It’s sort of a double edged sword.” - Nichola.

“호주에서 대개 부러웠던게

Something I envied about Australia was that

동양인이든 흑인이든 백인이든

whether you are Asian, black, white

어떤 사람이라도 거기서 자라나도 태어난 사람은

whatever person you are, if you grow up there, if you’re born there,

그 나라 사람, 호주인이라는 그게는 난 부러웠어요.

You are considered that country’s person. You’re Australian. I envied that.

근데 한국에서는 아무리 한국 국적 가지고 한국에서 자라고

But in Korea, no matter if you have a Korean citizenship, grew up in Korea,

한국에서만 살아도 한국말만 할 줄 알아도

No matter if you only lived in Korea, and speak only Korean,

조금만 다르게 생기면 무조건 외국인이라고 하는거는... 죽을때까지 한다고

If you look a little different, then you’re a foreigner. They say, until the day you die.

그런 얘기를 들었을때 이제 걱정이란거는

When I heard that, the thing that I worry about

약한 율이가 그렇게 생각하지않을까

Is that Yul might think that way.

자기 아니라고 해도

Though he might say otherwise,

다른 사람들이 넌 그래도 외국인이잖아 라고 얘기할까봐서

I worry that people will tell him, “Even so, you’re a foreigner.”

그런게 약한 걱정이 되지만

I worry a little about that, but

그래도 이제 저희가 이런거 많이 보여줘야될 것 같네요

Even so, we think we need to show that.

교육을 따로 한다고 해서 되는게 아니라 많이 좋은 케이스 보여줘야될것 같다고 생각 해서

It’s not just educating, but I think we must show many good cases (of mixed-culture families).

그것때문에 저희 가 계쏙 유튜브 영상을 만들면서

Because of that, we continue to make youtube videos

우리 같이 행복하게 잘 사는 커플도 있고

to show there are happy couples like us,

이런 국제 다문화를 가족이 있다는 사람들한테 인식을 시키기를 위해서 하는거고

To make people aware that there are multicultural families like this.” - Hugh